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More and more governmental and even private organizations are promoting the involvement of local workforce, which ultimately contributes to the strength of the nation’s well being. In SSC, we strongly believe that deploying the right local talents will definitely have a great impact on social and economic factors as well as organizational efficiency.

In the past few years, terminologies like Emiratization, Omanization, Qatarization and Saudization have elevated in the GCC area in favor of supporting the local nations and encourage talents. It is with no doubt a vital aspect that highly contributes to the growth of the economy as well as the future economic cycle.


Social Responsibility


As part of our social responsibility towards the local nation, and using our high level of experience in local needs, we address public as well as private sectors communities and find out what they require in terms of local capacities.

Our aim is to build a talented local capacity within organizations, and that is of course part of a wider vision that embraces the support of local expertise. The dynamics of a local business community depends on building beneficial relationships between the current and future needs for local skills. Our efforts at SSC aim at not only merely deploying local individuals, but at developing a support system that benefits both organizations and ambitious local talents.


Support & Direction Message


Whether you are a determined local talent who seek to boost up your career opportunities or an organization that needs to assign national expertise in their field, SSC is your right choice to partner with in the market.

Our assignment is to guide you through the process and prepare you to find what really suits your need. For us at SSC, it is all about the competency and efficiency that a certain candidate could bring to a certain position. We work collaboratively with our clients to ensure that their issues are addressed accurately, paving the way for both individuals and organizations to find beneficial value and build successful business relations that contributes to the nation’s well being.

Job links


To find out more about the available jobs, please click on the link below and explore your next opportunities.

Jobs available

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We at SSC strongly believe that each type of industry requires different capabilities and expertise to fill the right position. And being present in an area that is a business hub for diverse types of commerce, we are fully aware that there are specific requirements that oblige us to be attentive to our clients’ essential business needs.

Our team of consultants enjoys great experience in most of the major industries. We conduct our own researches that allow us to better understand the different businesses and we continuously educate ourselves to remain up to date with the latest market innovations.


Key competencies


We hire the right candidates in the right job. Our key driver is simple: ‘the best out of people’. We take on board the responsibility to find you, our business partner, the right employee that will achieve your company goals, and find you, our candidate, the best suitable position that will add on to your capabilities and help you build your career.

We work as head-hunters for the best candidates in the market, as we enjoy having one of the largest data-bases that include top executives and experienced personnel, all of which has been created and built in-house.

Your success is our mission, and we will take that extra step to allow our Clients to reach their goals.

@2014 Skill Set Consulting FZCo.

If you are currently looking to move forward with your career, please send us your updated CV to


Our consultants will review your resume with the highest care and get back to you as soon as possible.

@2014 Skill Set Consulting FZCo.



People are the most vital resource to any organization in the global market. Competency and knowledge of those determined people represent the back bone that lead to a real competitive advantage in any successful business. Both intellectual and devoted talents are what drive companies to plan their missions and achieve their visions throughout the years.

At Skill Set Consulting (SSC), we focus on discovering ‘the best out of people’, and that stands for our ultimate success mission. Our regional market exposure along with our dedicated and qualified force of consultants, have allowed us to both excel and be positioned as a trusty Advisor for talents and leading organizations.

We honor long term relationships with our clients based on mutual trust, respect and integrity. Our mission doesn’t stop at linking employees with employers; but it actually goes beyond the traditional recruitment tasks. Our expert team of consultants work very closely with all of our clients to deeply understand and talk through their requirements in order to provide them with what they really need, and ultimately achieve their satisfaction.

We at SSC have successfully created future workforces for different industry sectors in the area. Our local and International network, alongside our deep understanding to the growing market needs, have allowed us to effectively accomplish our targets and proudly exceed expectations, reaching a win-win bonding that upgrades both market’s maturity and morality.


The SSC Team


We have noticed that the last few years have been extremely challenging for both organizations and employees. Given the rough economy times and its impact on companies in the region, we came to realize that the situation has developed to be even more critical for lots of people to achieve job satisfaction – as well as companies to secure quality levels.

For jobseekers to maximize their efficiency in enjoyable roles and for companies to allocate the right expertise, it is essential to have a professional partner by your side that assists you in achieving such objectives. We, the SSC Team, understand what it takes to be your best partner in this nonstop business journey.

Each one of us at SSC is determined to discover the real need behind our clients’ requirements. We are trained and focused on delivering world-class Advisory services that create a work environment of empowerment and influence.

The recruitment needs in the region and other parts of the world has changed in the past period, and we learned through years of experience that companies today seek to develop an emotional commitment amongst workers that lead to remarkable results and job satisfaction.

Our role is to find those with the best talents for the best role and trigger that passion!

We listen carefully to our client’s need, both individuals and companies. We address each need individually and in most cases go beyond performing the regular tasks of the business. We cherish customer relation and take in consideration what it means to you, our partner, to respond to your demands correctly.

In addition to the corporate responsibility, we at SSC are highly committed to the Social Community in the region we resides in. Local support initiatives such as Emiratization, Saudization and Qatarization have grown dramatically in the past few years, and we were very proud of the success of all assignments we handled in helping local expertise finding their career path and add value at their new roles.

Considering the great achievement rate we accomplished in all industries, we are confident enough to handle all your recruitment challenges and build together a stronger talented community, full of integrity, fair opportunity and professional expertise.

The success of your business depends largely on the People who work with you. Skilled and knowledgeable candidates will focus on your strategic objectives and support you to reach your goals. Understanding what skills required for a particular position will help you select the most appropriate people with the right capabilities.

Being part of a culture that focuses on the ‘best out of people’ is what we at SSC do the best. Discovering the right talents for your business will improve your innovation, expand your industry and ultimately allow you to become more competitive.

The SSC Team

Customers’ Quotes


We work very closely with our Clients and their belief and trust in our capabilities have been both inspiring and insightful.


Company Profile


SSC is a diversified agency that offers professional recruitment services to the different industry types in the GCC and other parts of the Middle East & Asia.

Click here to download the SSC Company Profile.

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